Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camera News

This past few weeks were quite exciting in the world of photography. Big brand names such as Sony and Nikon came out with there new stuff.

Sony announced the A33 and A55 cameras which are unique because of the fixed mirror technology they used. Sony calls it SLT cameras (Single Lens Translucent). When I first saw this, I was intrigue on how the fixed mirror work and how this design can achieve higher frame rates. A fixed translucent mirror that allows 70% of light to pass through the CMOS sensor and reflects 30% up to the AF sensor array which uses phased detection. It uses electronic view finder with full 100% coverage. has a great review of A55

Nikon also introduced D7000 which is the successor to D90 (which is my camera). In the Nikon DSLR product line, it sits between D90 and D300S which is the flagship model of Nikon in APS-C class. The long stance of Nikon that 12 megapixel is enough has seen some changes with the use of new 16.2 megapixel sensor (at last). The D7000 also employs magnesium aloy body which is normally present on semi-pro model. Among its note worthy features are 39 focusing point, dual SD card, intervalometer, a separate drive mode dial, 2016 pixel metering sensor and more.

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