Monday, September 27, 2010

Look out for those shapes

Last Saturday, I was in Ansons Road area and noticed a small park near Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The shapes formed by the side bricks caught my eyes. Enjoy the shots.




Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camera News

This past few weeks were quite exciting in the world of photography. Big brand names such as Sony and Nikon came out with there new stuff.

Sony announced the A33 and A55 cameras which are unique because of the fixed mirror technology they used. Sony calls it SLT cameras (Single Lens Translucent). When I first saw this, I was intrigue on how the fixed mirror work and how this design can achieve higher frame rates. A fixed translucent mirror that allows 70% of light to pass through the CMOS sensor and reflects 30% up to the AF sensor array which uses phased detection. It uses electronic view finder with full 100% coverage. has a great review of A55

Nikon also introduced D7000 which is the successor to D90 (which is my camera). In the Nikon DSLR product line, it sits between D90 and D300S which is the flagship model of Nikon in APS-C class. The long stance of Nikon that 12 megapixel is enough has seen some changes with the use of new 16.2 megapixel sensor (at last). The D7000 also employs magnesium aloy body which is normally present on semi-pro model. Among its note worthy features are 39 focusing point, dual SD card, intervalometer, a separate drive mode dial, 2016 pixel metering sensor and more.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival

Last night I got the chance to shoot the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival in Clarke Quay with a friend. It was a very colorful experience.

Take a look and you will know what I mean....

f13 | 1.5sec | 0.5EV | ISO 100 | D90 18-200mm @35mm

f13 | 1sec | 0EV | ISO 100 | D90 18-200mm @62mm

f13 | 0.5sec | 0EV | ISO 320 | D90 10-24mm @12mm

f13 | 1sec | -0.5EV | ISO 100 | D90 18-200mm @82mm

f13 | 1sec | 0EV | ISO 100 | D90 18-200mm @80mm





Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bintan Island

My family and I had a great time in Angsana Resort. As my wife and son are early risers, they woke me up to enjoy the beach for ourselves. It felt that we were the only people in the island.

Enjoy the shots!

Morning Sun at Angsana Beach
Morning Sun

Board Walk at Angsana Resort
Board Walk

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunset at Punggol Beach

I've been planning to go to Punggol beach to take some sunrise shot but never had the discipline to sleep early and wake up early. Hmmm.... plan B, how about a sunset?

Got this shot last Saturday. Hope it brings you peace...

Sunset in Punggol Beach

Friday, September 10, 2010

Youth Olympic Closing Ceremony Fireworks

I had a chance to take my first fireworks shot in the closing ceremony of YOG. And I must say, the word 'timing' gave a new meaning for me. I thought manual setting with the right aperture and shutter speed will do the trick and boy I was wrong. Fortunately, my friend and co-shooter shared me a tip to try shooting in B(bulb) setting. With a few trials i somehow got a good working range of exposure - around 1.5 to 3 seconds.

Enjoy the shots!

YOG Fireworks

YOG Fireworks (Red & Blue Sphere)

YOG Fireworks (Red)

YOG Fireworks (Blue Sphere)

Youth Olympic Flame

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Got a few good pictures to share

It has been a while since my last post. And since then I had a lot of opportunities to snap a few good pictures. Let me share them to you.


View from Shears Bridge
View from Shears Bridge
Whenever I take a shot, I always look for those unique perspective. And this shot definitely qualifies, as this was taken from Shears bridge. Me and my friend decided to went up the bridge to get a different view of things (especially after long hard day at the office). And man, it was a feast to my eyes.

Admirality Park
Admirality Park
This is the first park I visited when I joined Greenery Club. But this picture was taken on my second visit to the place. The picture is obviously post edited to give that low key colorful mysterious effect.

MacRitchie Reservoir
MacRitchie Reservoir
Whenever I'm shooting outdoor I always put on CPL. And in this shot, it really pays off, you can see through the water in the foreground and colors are more vibrant.

Dilaw na Tipaklong
I have shot a few grasshopper but this one has the best lighting and focus.

Red DragonFly
Red DragonFly

Bird(don't know what type.. hehe)

Botanical Garden Bench2
Bench in Botanical Garden

Stairs in Botanical Garden

Sunset at Changi Beach
Sunset at Changi Beach

Sunflower in Garden Festival in Suntech Convention Center

Orchids - Garden Festival

Garden Festival
The Gardener - also in Garden Festival