Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've been wanting to create a blog for almost a year now but never really push for it. I always ask myself... What should I write? Will I really have the time to post and more importantly will the content be significant enough so it will be worth sharing.

I come to realize that I worry to much on details to the point that no action is taken. So here I am making my first step to blogging. I hope to share with you my thoughts on photography and anything about technology.

I remember a story from a friend of mine in college... he said..

When airplane takes off... it consumes a lot of fuel to produce the necessary power to leave the ground... once it's on the air and starts to climb, the engine continues to work hard to reach the optimal altitude where air drag is less. And once there, the airplane is basically cruising to its destination with less effort and and fuel efficiency at its highest. Just like any activity we endeavor in life, at start its hard (lot of worries..hehe) and takes to much effort but in time we get used to it and get better until it becomes second nature to us.

I expect to learn a lot from this experience. And hope my post will be of help and touch some of your thoughts.