Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kinetic Rain

Imagine a water drop shape (estimate 95mm in diameter X 190mm tall), made from aluminum, coated in copper, suspended in a thin wire and vertically controlled by a servo motor to go up and down 7meters. Now imagine having 608 of this arranged in 16 rows X 38 columns and hooked up to a computer for a non-stop precision control movements. What you have is an amazing art piece that depicts motion and patterns called KINETIC RAIN.

The first time I saw it in Changi Airport Terminal 1, I was immediately drawn by its graceful movement, changing from one pattern to the other. It was fascinating to look at, from a smooth single plane it stretches out and breaks into multiple waves.

As a photographer, my mind is already looking for an angle of attack. The way I see it, the subject will be a good practice for two things: (1) focusing on moving target and (2) composition.

It was a good practice for focusing because the water drop shape is constantly moving. My estimate is that it moves between 30mm/sec to 300mm/sec depending on the pattern its forming. And since it occupies about 75 sqr meters, composition is quite challenging. One thing I learned from my previous landscape shots, it is not always a sweeping wide angle shot. Capturing portions or snipets of the landscape is also as effective and powerful. That was my plan, so like most of the subjects I worked on, I try to observed first, looking around and waiting for the patterns that interest me. And once I got the timing, I took a few test shots to dial in the settings and then fired away.

Ok.. enough with the talk. Out of 530 pics that I took 8 passed my standard and I think are worthy enough to share.


Kinetic Rain 01
<< The NET >>

Kinetic Rain 02
<< Up Close and Personal >>

Kinetic Rain 03
<< Here I Come >>

Kinetic Rain 04
<< 4 X 3 >>

Kinetic Rain 05
<< Good Things come in Threes >>

Kinetic Rain 06
<< First In Line >>

Kinetic Rain 07
<< Come to Papa >>

Kinetic Rain 08
<< Drops of Fire >>

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