Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Greenery Club...

A group of life long friends that shares a common passion in photography. There's John and Gerry, Ray and Ivy and Eric C.

Eric C, whose insight and depth of knowledge in photography makes him the go-to guy if you have a photography question that needs enlightenment. This rightfully earn him the title 'guru'.

Ray personifies the word passion in photography. His tenacity and eagerness to learn and improve his skills is what I like most about him.

John, this guy is what spices the group. With his old antics, jokes and joyous approach in life makes every trek and shoot come alive.

And of course, Gerry and Ivy, their presence and patience provides comfort not only to John and Ray but to the whole group.

It was because of Ray that I had the pleasure of meeting and joining this group. I met Ray accidentally when I was testing my extension tube for a macro shot. And just like any enthusiastic photo hobbyist, we started exchanging views, opinions and experiences.

And now, I've been enjoying their company for two photo shoot treks in Admirality Park and Dairy Farm in Bukit Timah.

Guys and gals… thank you for welcoming me to your GREENERY CLUB…

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